David Muller True Detective Fan Art

With rumours beginning to circulate about the second season of True Detective, it has served as a timely reminder of just how awesome the first series was and got us on the hunt for some awesomeness to exhibit. After some rudimentary rooting, we’ve come up trumps in the form of this excellent series of True Detective Fan Art by a talented chap by the name of David Muller.

If you’re lamenting the loss of Cohle and Marty from our screens, this excellent series of artwork will fill some of that void and it has taken an unusual approach to capturing the likeness of the main protagonists from the hit show but an approach that definitely appeals to us here at Coolector HQ. True Detective is, in our opinion, one of the finest shows of the last decade and we’re on tenterhooks for the second series but, in the meantime, this superb collection of True Detective illustrations will keep us occupied. Take a look at a few more of Muller’s stellar creations below:






If you’re similarly antsy as you await the next instalment of True Detective then hopefully this top notch collection of artwork will help tide you over till next year as well.

We’re in no doubt that the next season of True Detective will match the excellence of the first but it seems like a long time to wait until we get to find out but, fortunately, there is awesome artwork like this from Muller to keep us entertained until then.


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