Beats By Dre Powerbeats³ Wireless Earphones

When you find the right earphones for an active lifestyle, it can be somewhat of a revelation because no longer will you be tackling annoyances stemming from ill-fitting or under-performing technology and, instead, be able to concentrate on the activity in hand. Well, that’s exactly what you’ve got to look forward to if you get your hands on a pair of these excellent looking Beats By Dre Powerbeats³ Wireless Earphones.

Built to last and with a 12 hour battery life, Beats By Dre Powerbeats³ Wireless Earphones are definitely going to be right up the ally of those who enjoy extensive workouts or long runs and demand that their technology be with them, at the top of their game every step of the way. The Beats By Dre Powerbeats³ Wireless Earphones are built with the sporty in mind and this shines through in the impressive design features and top of the range specifications that they boast.

Sounds Perfect

With a tagline of ‘Designed for Sound’, there are a number of standout features with these Beats By Dre Powerbeats³ Wireless Earphones and their enhanced ergonomic design over their predecessors makes for a more dynamic and clearer listening experience than ever before and perfectly suited to those adrenaline pursuit lovers out there.



The Beats By Dre Powerbeats³ Wireless Earphones are extremely comfortable and have mighty impressive noise cancellation qualities which provides a more immersive listening experience – something which is important when taking part in sporting pursuits and you’re in need of music to motivate your performance.

Being a hands free accessory – facilitated by a cable management clip – you can rest assured that whilst you’re in motion, the earphones are going to stay firmly in place and not move around to the considerable annoyance of anyone who has tried to wear earphones whilst remaining active.

Top Notch Performance

It’s all well and good having earphones that look the part, as these Beats By Dre Powerbeats³ Wireless Earphones unquestionably do, you also need them to deliver the sort of performance and sound quality that will enhance your listening pleasure. We’re pleased to report these excellent earphones from Beats By Dre definitely deliver in this department too and the sound quality on offer is second to none.


Simple to use, robust and with impeccable sound quality, it’s not surprising that sportsmen and women are flocking towards the Beats By Dre Powerbeats³ Wireless Earphones in their droves because there really are few better choices for those looking for a piece of kit that can keep up with any sporting pursuit without becoming a nuisance along the way.

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