How to Make Beer in 2 Minutes

Beer is pretty much our fuel here at The Coolector HQ and we’ve long hankered to make our very own brew but it seems like a devilishly intricate process and far beyond our means as utterly unskilled labourers. But, wait, if the excellent How to Make Beer in Two Minutes (not literally) video above is anything to go by, it’s not altogether unfeasible that we may be supping our Coolector Special Brew come Christmas.

The top notch and visually impressive beer-making tutorial above is the work of New Zealand based animators, NK’Motion and we’re definitely impressed with both the excellent animation on show and the apparant ease with which beer can (potentially) be made. As a perennial visit to the Guinness factory, I’m a keen study of the beer making process but I’ve yet to see it presented so stylishly as this and should the day ever come when we can source the aforementioned materials in the video above, we hope that The Coolector will come up with a name more imaginative than “Good Beer”.

Excellent little soundtrack to bop along to as well. Kudos, chaps.

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