Supercar Evolution Infographic

Needless to say, we’re fans of impressive vehicles here at The Coolector and its always interesting to trace the history of our favourite objects. Well, that’s exactly what we can do here with this excellent infographic from Buyagift, which trawls through the history of the supercar and unveils the origins of the luxurious vehicles that we know and love.

Showcasing some of the most famous supercars to have emerged through history, such as the Ford GT40 MKI and the McLaren F1, this visually engaging interactive infographic does a great job of showcasing the merits of each of these exemplary vehicles and unveils their traits in the sort of Top Trumps-esque manner that we here at The Coolector are big fans of. Check out a few more images from the infographic below (but to really experience it as it was designed to be seen, check out the link to the dynamic version after the jump):


Check out the much more engaging dynamic version – HERE.

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