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Us Brits are famed (wrongly, I might add) for serving nothing but warm, flat beers by and large so if you’re planning a trip to our green and pleasant land but find yourself unduly concerned about the buoyancy of our beers then we here at Coolector HQ suggest that you have one of these awesome looking Beer Foamer devices safely stowed away in your luggage.

There are plenty of old wives tales out there about how to pull the perfect pint but, truth be told, flatness or lack of head is sometimes unavoidable and if you’re regularly served pints lacking pizazz, this extraordinary bit of kit from Norm Architects and Menu will be an absolute godsend. The way the device is put together is devilishly simple in execution, it is merely a copper-plated mixer that is battery operated, and has the capability to whip even the most lifeless looking of ales into shape. The rather informative little Gif below will enlighten you to the simplicity of adding a hearty head to your pint:


Beers are one of our passion in life here at Coolector HQ (and we’ve the gut to back up this claim) and though we remain steadfast in our defence of British beers, we’re in agreement that there are few things worse than an ale that has lost its head so we’ve been utterly bowled over by the cracking Beer Foamer by Norm Architects and Menu. Take a look at a few more shots of this first rate contraption below:

beer 5-beer-foamer-by-norm-architects-for-menu


If you’ve a similar penchant for brews and want to make sure that not a single drop goes to waste, this Beer Foamer may well be your new best friend. We’ve every intention on getting our craft ale loving mitts on one of this fantastic devices and with summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to make sure your beer is back to its best at all times.

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