Beer Freeze Mug

Though the notion of taking so long to drink a beer that it goes warm is somewhat alien to us here at Coolector HQ but we realise that there are those out there who like to savour their tipple for a little longer than us. If you want to make sure you don’t end up quaffing a warm beer, one of these awesome looking Beer Freeze Mugs will definitely be a wise purchase.

Undeniably simple in design, the Beer Freeze Mug can instantly chill any beer (or other beverage of course) and then keep it cool without diluting it or messing with its flavour. We’re pretty obsessed with beer at The Coolector and there are few things worse than a beer that’s got warm so there’s definitely space in the market for this cracking little vessel.

The Beer Freeze Mug is essentially a freezable cup made from BPA free plastic with an insulated rubber grip which will ensure your hand doesn’t get too cold whilst enjoying your tasty beverage. Given that it’s a Friday afternoon and beer is likely prevalent on everyone’s mind at present, grabbing one of these Beer Freeze Mugs seems like a spiffing idea to us and if you want to banish warm beer for good, you should be thinking of investing too. Check out a couple more shots below:

Beer-Freeze-Empty_grande Beer_Freeze_Cooling_Pint_Glass_grande Beer_Freeze_grande

If you’ve got that Friday feeling and a mind positively addled with thoughts of beer then you’ll probably have been won over by the Beer Freeze Mug at the mere sight of it as that’s exactly what happened with us here at Coolector HQ. We’re all for items that make our beers all the more delicious and this is certainly something that applies to the Beer Freeze Mug – cheers!

Available: The Fowndry

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