Beer Lover? 8 of the Best Bits from Beavertown Brewery

We’re huge craft beer fans here at Coolector HQ and there are plenty of beer makers that we gravitate towards but few more so than Beavertown Brewery (and their delicious Neck Oil beer in particular) – not least because they’re the official beer of our beloved, Tottenham Hotspur. Well, the also have a pretty awesome shop whose digital shelves are positively chock full of awesome wares that will go down wonderfully well with any beer lovers out there.

Check out our pick of 8 of the best bits from the Beavertown Brewery shop below:

Skull Beavertown Sweatshirt in Grey – £30

It’s still a bit nippy out there right now so a quality sweater never goes a miss here at Coolector HQ and this understated but awesome Beavertown Brewery Skull Sweatshirt in Grey (£30) is a versatile offering that will help keep the elements at bay over the next few months as we transition into spring. Made from 100% organic cotton, this sweater celebrates the brewery’s Gamma Ray beer in the most minimalist way imaginable and we’re big fans of the aesthetic and will definitely be adding one to our own winter / spring wardrobe rotation. (£30)

Core Beavertown Beer Bundle – £15

It would be mad to have a line up of goods from the Beavertown Brewery online store without including their awesome beers. With this Core Beavertown Beer Bundle (£15) you get to try all of their most popular amber nectars and get one of their eye-catching pint glasses as part of the excellent deal. In the bundle you’ll get 1 Gamma Ray – American Pale Ale, 1 Neck Oil – Session IPA, 1 Lupuloid – IPA, 1 Bloody ‘Ell – Bloody Orange IPA, 1 Psychedelic Skull Pint Glass and 1 Gamma Man Pin. (£15)

Beavertown Can Glorifier – £120

Want an unbeatable means of displaying your favourite craft beer in your workspace (before drinking it of course) then this Beavertown Can Glorifier (£120) will be tough to beat. You can show off your Beavertown goodies with this new Can Glorifier from the North London based brewery and it will certainly turn heads aplenty of anyone walking past your workspace or home bar. It can hold your cans, shake your hands and it looks pretty grand. (£120)

Beavertown Gamma Ray Print – £40

Vintage vibes abound with this ace looking Gamma Ray Print from Beavertown Brewery (£40). It comes in an A3 size and the great design comes from Nick Dwyer and comes with the catchy tag-line of “Protecting The Nation From Hop Deprivation”. It’s a limited edition of 50 prints and printed on Canson Edition Etching Rag which delivers a tangible sense of quality to the touch. (£40)

Beavertown Grab ‘N Smash Lupuloid Hoodie in Black – £39

Hoodies are the ultimate relaxing apparel in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and they don’t come much cooler for beer lovers than this top notch Beavertown Grab ‘N’ Smash Lupuloid Hoodie in Black (£39). A nod to the brewery’s Gamma Ray beer, this hoodie will keep you toasty warm on those chillier nights and the 100% organic cotton construction gives this perfect layering piece a wonderfully comfortable and soft feel. (£39)

Beavertown Psychedelic Skull Tumbler Glass – £5

Sick of pouring a can of beer into a pint glass and feeling short changed? This eye-catching Beavertown Psychedelic Skull Tumbler Glass (£5) is the ideal glassware for you. This brilliant offering from Beavertown will perfectly fit a can of Neck Oil, Gamma Ray or any 330ml can of craft beer that you’ve got stocked in your fridge. We love purpose built glassware for beer here at Coolector HQ and this is definitely one of our favourites out there. (£5)

The Jackskull 5 Beavertown Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Black – £25

Long sleeve tees need to form part of every man’s wardrobe and for fans of craft beer and this Beavertown Jackskull 5 Long Sleeve Tee (£25) gets our vote here at The Coolector. It is paired with the brewery’s Bloody ‘Ell Beer and again is made from 100% cotton for an unparalleled level of comfort. The stealthy style of the tee is brought to life by the eye-catching sleeve design and will make a great addition to your t-shirt rotation this spring and summer. (£25)

Beavertown Canvas Can Bag – £15

If you regularly find yourself in your local beer shop purchasing delicious craft beers and want something more functional than a paper bag to port them about in, this Beavertown Canvas Can Bag (£15) is going to be ticking all of the right boxes. These can bags hold an impressive 12 cans upright time and time again and keep them still so they’re not all shook up when you arrive at your destination. Sustainable, useful and awesome – these Beavertown bags are a real triple threat. (£15)

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