Beer Press

Beer is our fuel at The Coolector and we’re also incredibly fond of typography and these two loves of ours have been co-mingled superbly in the form of this devilishly dapper set of coasters that goes by the name of Beer Press.

Better still for fans of awesomeness, this collection of famous quotations inscribed beer coasters also comes replete with a premium bamboo stand in which to place the coasters when not in use. Made in the good old US of A, each of the coasters is individually hand-made using a vintage 1960’s letterpress machine and the finished products are nothing short of exquisite – providing that you are as big a beer aficionado as we here at The Coolector are.

This great selection of beer related coastery (new word for you there) is currently drumming up support on Kickstarter and gives early adopters the chance to not only get their hands on the excellent set of six beer coasters and the bamboo set but also a rather spiffing selection of 8 similarly spiffing wall prints bearing the Beer Press motif and a quotation pertaining to the excellence of beer. Check out some of this top notch beer paraphernalia below:


If you want to give your beer somewhere stylish to sit during those brief interludes when it is not in contact with your lips, this excellent set of coasters from Beer Press will certainly do the trick.

Show your support at KICKSTARTER.

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