The Everleigh Bottling Co Cocktails

No matter how hard we try (which, as it happens, is not that hard at all), we can never seem to pull off the Don Draper levels of suaveness here at Coolector HQ and, it’s fair to say, it was the man’s choice of cocktails which often set him apart in the dapperness department and that’s why we’ve got our eye well and truly on these The Everleigh Bottling Co Cocktails.

The Everleigh is an iconic nightspot in the Australian city of Melbourne and is, as you may have expected, renowned for their Prohibition style cocktail creations. They have now branched out, however, with the great looking The Everleigh Bottling Co and their mighty delicious array of cocktails which any sophisticated boozehound is sure to appreciate.

Tipple of Choice

Realising the distinct need that many alcohol imbibers have to enjoy well made and mouth-watering cocktails away from their favourite bar, The Everleigh set about creating their The Everleigh Bottling Co brand which is responsible for the sorts of tipple that will titillate the tastebuds and provide you with the perfect evening drink for relaxing and unwinding.

With great branding from the guys at The Company You Keep, The Everleigh Bottling Co Cocktails certainly stand out from the crowd (albeit in a distinctly understated manner) and we’re loving the aesthetics of their wares just as much as want is held within the eye-catching receptacles. With four cocktails currently available to choose from including Martini, Negroni, Old Fashioned and Manhattan, you’re sure to find a tipple that takes your fancy with this awesome array of cocktails.

Whilst we’ve not been to the establishment responsible for the creation of The Everleigh Bottling Co, it is clear to see that they are mighty serious about their cocktails and you’ll certainly be left impressed with the quality of their wares. Perfect for any Don Draper wannabe (us included) and a great place to start if, like us, you’re trying to refine your palate with a move away from craft beers to some classier cocktails.

Vintage Styling

With a design inspiration heavily influenced by the Prohibition Era, there is a eye-catching vintage appeal to the packaging of these The Everleigh Bottling Co Cocktails and they’ll definitely ramp up the visual appeal of any area in which you choose to store them.

Though we’re not exactly huge cocktail aficionados here at The Coolector, we do love great branding and design (and, of course, have that desire to reach Don Draper levels of cool) so these brilliantly conceived cocktails from The Everleigh Bottling Co are right up our street and we hope to get our hands on some sooner rather than later.

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