Reuben Wu Photography

Photography is a skillset that, to be quite honest, you either have or you don’t. It takes a skilled eye to take a photo at exactly the right moment (or at least a skilled hand to contrive the perfect moment) and whilst we here at The Coolector are distinctly lacking in the photography skill department, there are some out there for whom it comes naturally and we’ve found one such chap in the form of Reuben Wu and his exceptional array of photography.

Not content with his devilishly impressive photography skills, Wu is also an accomplished DJ and musician and a member of the the electronic band, Ladytron. If he ever finds that people’s love of electronic based tunes begins to wane, he’s certainly got a pretty good safety net if his excellent portfolio of photography is anything to go by. The Liverpool based fellow has travelled to some pretty far-flung locations to capture his plethora of stunning images and you can see a few of his best below:


Check out the rest of Wu’s work at

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