Bel & Bel Z Scooter

When it comes to classy looking products, Bel & Bel have long been on our radar here at Coolector HQ and they’ve just well and truly turned our heads with their rather extraordinary looking Z Scooter, which any motorised vehicle fan is going to want to sit up and take notice of. The Bel & Bel Z Scooter is billed as the first self-balancing scooter and it has some mighty sleek aesthetics that will make it the best way of getting around town this summer.

Costing just shy of €6k, the Bel & Bel Z Scooter is fairly priced for such a cool looking steed and it takes its design inspiration from the Corradino D’Ascanio original design. An aesthetic vision that has only got better with age and which could also be designing the new future. This miraculous looking machine will let you pilot a vintage vehicle with zero emissions and the Z-Scooter can be customised with different coloured decorative covers to suit your particular style tastes.

A Ride to Remember

This is certainly unlike any urban machine you’re likely to have encountered and the Bel & Bel Z Scooter comes with its own app to sate the appetites of any technology lovers out there. This app boasts a comprehensive and extensive dashboard, remote control function, record sharing, online diagnosis, service assistance and all of this combines to let you make all manner of customisations to your Z-Scooter. Put simply, this first class app makes your Z-Scooter more fun and straightforward to use.

The Z Scooter from Bel & Bel is both compact and safe to use and boasts a visual impact like no other. This amazing ride makes use of high quality materials and a solid structure to guarantee that it always handles exactly as it should in all manner of different situations and terrains. The Z-Scooter can be disassembled into just two pieces for simple transport and storage and it’s compact dimensions makes this scooter a solid and top performing alternative to the other brands on the market right now.

Perfectly suited to both day and night riding, the Bel & Bel Z Scooter comes equipped with a TESLA Model S super lithium battery, which is impressive because it is some 50% more powerful than the regular one and will illuminate even the darkest of terrains and roads. This will mean that you can drive all day and all night long on this majestic beast. The Z Scooter is fitted with a touch activated adjustable light system that is extremely user friendly and makes night riding an absolute breeze.

Intuitive and Easy to Ride

For anyone looking for an easy to ride right of the bat vehicle, you’ll not go to far wrong with the Z Scooter from Bel & Bel. This superb looking steed can be mastered in just minutes and intuitively follows your body movements. This self-balancing vehicle is powerful enough to tackle many different terrains be it pavements, roads, grass or any uneven surface for that matter. Michelin vibration reduction technology tyres make sure it’s always a comfortable ride.

Though not cheap, you’ll not see many machines like the Z Scooter anywhere else out there and we’re definitely impressed with its capabilities here at Coolector HQ. It has fast charging technology which means it can fully charge in 3-4 hours and has a maximum speed of 20KM/H with a range of around 30KM. Eye-catching in the extreme and top performing technology combine to make this a must have for any urban adventurer.

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