Hard Graft Full Disclosure Dopp Kit

Travelling typically requires a number of different accessories in tow and so far as keeping your grooming goods in order, a top quality dopp kit is always a good idea. They don’t come much better, classier or more functional than this Hard Graft Full Disclosure Dopp Kit, which we’re big fans of here at Coolector HQ. As always, exceptionally well made and boasting top notch materials, this dopp kit from Hard Graft will see you travelling in style and your grooming supplies well looked after whilst you do.

The Hard Graft Full Disclosure Dopp Kit boasts a class and elegant design which typifies all the products that this magnificent accessories brand produces and with a price of just £218, it represents a pricey but not excessively so investment for porting about all your grooming goods and accessories. The Full Disclosure Dopp Kit is a small batch product with a real focus of quality and if you demand nothing but the best, this is an accessory that will be right up your street.

Great Grooming Accessory

With such a versatile and functional design, the Hard Graft Full Disclosure Dopp Kit has the added sense of exclusivity that comes from knowing that you’ll be one of just a few people who own one in the world. This top notch accessory has a striking, rich leather outer that offers a real tangible quality to the touch. It has a wipe-clean lining, which is important for any grooming accessory in case of spillages in transit and the aesthetic appeal of this dopp kit really is second to none.

The Hard Graft Full Disclosure Dopp Kit will fit your toothbrush, toothpaste, aftershave, perfume, creams, shampoo, conditioner and shaver to name but a few. So, as you can see, there is sufficient space for all the grooming wares that you would typically carry whilst on the go. This cracking accessory from Hard Graft has certainly caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and if you’re planning on travel over the next few months and want the perfect means of porting your grooming goods, look no further than this.

With the Full Disclosure Dopp Kit, Hard Graft have conjured up a dopp kit with two sides each measuring 22 x 8 cm h 5 (8.5” x 3” h 2”) to ensure that there is enough space to accommodate all your various grooming products. The lid boasts a signature X stitching and closes with an a top quality, premium zip. Within the Full Disclosure Dopp Kit you’ll discover a generous amount of space and a divider that closes with magnets for a pleasing feel when in use.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

Each one of the limited release Hard Graft Full Disclosure Dopp Kit is handcrafted in Italy for a sense of exceptional quality. They are made from a combination of products which includes locally sourced Italian and European materials. Hard Graft have spent the last decade tracking down the finest suppliers, materials and manufacturers to make sure they do justice to all their different designs.

For those of you with travel plans afoot and want to make sure all your grooming wares are well protected whilst you’re on the move, this Full Disclosure Dopp Kit from Hard Graft is sure to meet and exceed your expectations. With storage space aplenty, a dapperness that is beyond compare and crafted to impeccable standards in Italy, it’s easy to see why these are proving popular so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to get your hands on one.

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