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Wes Anderson is, as you’re probably patently aware, one of our favourite directors here at Coolector HQ and we’re understandably excited about the impending release of The Grand Budapest Hotel but this doesn’t mean to say we’re not above casting our mind back to other pieces of Anderson awesomeness and, in this case, said awesomeness pertains to one of our favourite Wes Anderson movies, The Life Aquatic.

The fantastic Belafonte Poster pictured above is the work of Alex Pearson, who put hours of his time and thousands of his dollars into creating the wonderfully designed print of Steve Zissou’s ship which, mercifully, is available to buy because we want it hanging on the wall of Coolector headquarters ASAP. If you’re a fan of Anderson’s work and brilliant and painstakingly crafted prints, you’ll find none better than this fantastic Belafonte Poster and we here at The Coolector are entirely smitten. Check out Pearson explaining his design process behind the poster below:

[youtube width=”700″ height=”400″][/youtube]

So, as you can see, it’s not your average print with no forethought or planning – this is the Belafonte Poster and its creation has been as meticulous as Anderson’s films themselves. You can see a few more shots of this top notch print below:

Belafonte Photos-2516

Belafonte Photos-2519

Belafonte Photos-2525

We had our doubts that there were many who loved Wes Anderson films as much as us here at Coolector HQ but Pearson has certainly proved his Anderson affinity with this superb looking, highly stylised print which has ticked all our interior design boxes for sure. Kudos, chap.

Price: $50

Available: Family Tree Design

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