Kings Biltong

Now, admittedly, we’ve only tried biltong once and whilst it didn’t blow our mind, it was most palatable indeed. The reason, perhaps, that we didn’t become addicted to the product is the fact that we here at Coolector HQ are notorious branding whores and the packaging of the biltong we scoffed was uninspiring to say the least.

I dare say that had our first foray into biltong been with the wonderfully branded Kings Biltong then it could have been a whole different story and we’d likely be surrounded by all sort of biltong detritus as we speak.

It wasn’t always this way for Kings Biltong, however, their excellent looking wares are as a result of a recent rebranding process steered by the skilled hand of the Leeds based, Robot Food, who in one fell and creative swoop have instantly made the product of biltong a good deal more appealing to us.





Kings Biltong is the creation of three professional rugby playing brothers – Charlie, Mark and James Simpson-Daniel – who had an insatiable love of biltong and wanted to share this love with the health food industry. A highly healthy offering that is a distinct and viable alternative to health bars and shakes, if you’re after a new health snack to chow down on, permit us here at Coolector headquarters to point you in the direction of Kings Biltong.

Price: £2+

Available: Kings Biltong

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