Belle Portable Speaker & Bluetooth Hub

In order to really stand out from the crowd today, technology is needing to be as multifunctional and versatile as possible and that’s certainly something which is applicable for this fantastic looking Kickstarter project which goes by the name of the Belle Portable Speaker & Bluetooth Hub. Technologically superior and functional as it comes, this cracking bit of kit is already sailing past its funding target and this is testament to the performance it looks capable of delivering.

Boasting next-generation sound and connectivity, the Belle Portable Speaker & Bluetooth Hub is capable of syncing up to six Bluetooth speakers to deliver a wireless surround sound system anywhere you go and this is definitely something which will appeal to the tech fraternity out there. This premium Bluetooth speaker has an understated, stealthy aesthetic which makes it perfectly suited to use anywhere you can think of whether this be in the home, office or on a hike in the great outdoors.

Quality Sound and Performance

Needless to say, any speaker system needs to deliver a first class sound performance in order to provide the user with the best experience and this is an area in which the Belle Portable Speaker & Bluetooth Hub, which is funding on Kickstarter right now, positively excels. It creates rich, clear sound around the house but also has enough power under the hood to get the party started. The ability to mix and match Bluetooth speakers of any brands provides a versatile and flexible wireless setup unlike anything else on the market.

The Belle Portable Speaker & Bluetooth Hub uses two full-range drivers to deliver 100 watts of clear, audiophile sound. At the push of a button, Belle has the unique ability to enter “SUB” mode and turn into the first truly portable Bluetooth subwoofer. With impressive dual radiators which will pulse and pound with your music, driving deep, powerful bass that you can literally see and feel as you enjoy your favourite tunes.

With so many impressive features to be found with the Belle Portable Speaker & Bluetooth Hub it’s difficult to know where to start but some of the more stand out specifications include a spherical design for full, 360° sound, an easy carry handle made from industrial, impact-resistant fibreglass, an eight hour battery life and an intuitive touch control panel for quickly changing your songs and altering volume.

Join the Hub Club 

It is the devices’ capacity as a Bluetooth Hub that will likely leave tech enthusiasts most impressed and the system has many advantages over current wifi options on the market – not least the fact it is considerably more flexible, portable and versatile i.e. it isn’t limited to playing music from specific apps – a shortcoming that befalls many other devices on the market.

For fans of music looking for a versatile speaker that doesn’t inhibit your listening choices, the Belle Portable Speaker & Bluetooth Hub, which is available for a bargain price on Kickstarter right now, will definitely be the prime candidate in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Well made, excellent performance and visually impressive, there are plenty of positives to this cracking device that set it apart from the competition.

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