Orrery Lamp

Following yesterday’s solar eclipse, now would seem to be a good time to showcase a piece of design like this Orrey Lamp which is funding on Kickstarter right now. This first class piece of lighting is billed as a minimally designed, dimmable solar system that delivers not just a stunning lighting solution but an aesthetically superior piece of furniture for your home whilst its at it.

The Orrery Lamp is an adjustable, abstract representation of our Earth and Moon orbiting our host star and for any lovers of astronomy out there, it’s a must for your workspace lighting because it looks so cool and will provide all the light you require to work by. Cleverly designed and incredibly striking, this excellent looking piece of lighting is definitely the sort of thing we gravitate towards at Coolector HQ and we fully expect it to take Kickstarter by storm.

Technological Powerhouse

It’s not just the design superiority of the Orrery Lamp that makes it stand out from the crowd, it also boasts a technological side to ensure that it’s as astrologically accurate as possible. You can head to a companion website to manually calibrate the Earth and Moon around the Sun so that it perfectly corresponds with any moment now or in the near future which is a pretty cool feature of this lamp that is sure to make it appeal to those with a real love of planetary movements.

Engaging on many levels, the Orrery Lamp has got us sitting up and taking notice here at The Coolector and, when you’re viewing  on screens bigger than a smartphone, users can take in fine-grained astronomical data and can play around with the visualisation to more intuitively comprehend the movements of the Sun, Earth, and Moon over certain time periods. If you love clever pieces of design and have been looking for the perfect lighting solution for your home, you’ve come to the right place with this superb Kickstarter project.

Designed and crafted in Los Angeles by a small team of designers and craftsmen, the Orrery Lamp has some striking features that will make it a welcome addition to your own interior design endeavours. This includes a custom, hand-blown glass diffuser, brass accents, walnut base and cork bottom to provide maximum friction and ensure the lighting stays where you want it. Stylish and sophisticated, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cooler form of lighting for your home or workspace.

Let There Be Light

The planetary vibe to this Orrery Lamp is a particularly pleasing one in our opinion and the warm, diffuse light that stems forth from the Orrery Lamp is born from a collaboration with industrial designer and glass blower, Nate Cotterman, also based in LA and the visual impact of seeing the lamp in action is second to none.

With this Kickstarter campaign having only recently launched, there is still plenty of time to get your hands on one of these first rate designs and the phenomenal piece of lighting is certainly going to find plenty of admirers amongst lovers of astrology and astronomy and those with a penchant for striking interior design pieces.

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