House Sealion

Living in the shadows of a mountain is something that definitely appeals to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ but the property itself has to be up to scratch too and, it’s fair to say, this extraordinary piece of design called House Sealion from Greg Wright Architects excels in both these departments.

Nestled in the foothills of a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, the Greg Wright designed House Sealion has definitely been designed with entertaining in mind and all the clever little touches are geared towards making the property the ultimate in entrainment spaces. This wasn’t an easy process, however, given that the plot of land on which House Sealion is situated is slap-bang between mountains and the sea and ensuring views of both were as good as they could be was a real design challenge.

Party On

We’ve seldom seen a property that is more perfectly suited to partying than this superbly conceived House Sealion from Greg Wright Architects. Filled with large open spaces which lead out to an open air pool, this amazing piece of design has fun times written all over it but these are all achieved courtesy of the clever design that has been applied across the land’s footprint to deliver a property geared towards having a good time.

The quality of the design with House Sealion is plain to see and despite the close proximity of neighbouring properties, it feels like a private oasis courtesy of the clever deployment of internal courtyards which divide up the main entertaining space and keep it private in the process. Space is abundant throughout the property and it boasts plenty of striking and aesthetically superior design features which include a spectacular staircase which is housed in a double volume space with grandiose glass windows that continue onto the ceiling for breathtaking mountain views.

Artistic interior design features really add to the accomplished architectural work of House Sealion from Greg Wright Architects and there are plenty of water features and sculptures dotted about the property which add to its overall visual appeal considerably. As mentioned, there are ocean views from this Cape Town property and they are witnessed from an open plan living space which opens out onto the swimming pool area which then overlooks the ocean below.

Room With A View

The real triumph of this miraculous piece of architecture is the master bedroom which boasts its own private terrace from which you are treated to views of both the mountains and the ocean. If you’ve ever wondered how to design the perfect party pad, House Sealion provides a pretty comprehensive blueprint for it and we’re loving both the exterior and the stunning interior design here at The Coolector.

A superb example of the design skills of the team at Greg Wright Architects and a first class property in its own right, this Cape Town dwelling really does tick all of the entertainment boxes and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more spectacular view in which to relax and unwind than right here.

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