Bellroy 3 Card Phone Case

Most men today are trying to streamline their pockets and ensure that they are weighed down by nothing but the essentials but, truth be told, this is often easier said than done. In order to achieve this level of minimalism, something has to give and amalgamating two pieces of EDC into one seems like the ideal solution – particularly when it looks as awesome as this new 3 Card Phone Case from Coolector HQ favourites, Bellroy.


Masters of all things EDC, Bellroy have hit the nail on the head again with their understated and Don Draper levels of dapperness, 3 Card Phone Case and for any man who seldom carries more than two or three cards each day which, lets face it, is most of us nowadays, this serves as the ideal solution to doing away with the wallet and freeing up pocket space.

Minimalist Marvel

Whenever the time comes to update one’s everyday carry essentials, most men out there will gravitate towards brands like Bellroy because they craft the sorts of wares that last and look good the whole time they’re doing it – this 3 Card Phone Case being an excellent, if you’ll excuse the awful pun, case in point.



This great offering from Bellroy is a slim phone case that doubles up as a understated, cool and minimalist wallet for those who don’t need to carry many cards around with them. A godsend for most men as it will mean an end to the tapping of multiple pockets for your phone and wallet when you head out in the morning because it will all be in one place.


Bellroy’s 3 Card Phone Case is crafted from a new flex polymer which is famed for durability so you needn’t have any concerns about the robustness of this piece of EDC. It also boasts a material that the brand regularly utilises – namely, vegetable-tanned leather – which they invariably choose because it has a tactile feel that looks and feels great to the touch. Streamlining your carry by offering a secret compartment within the case itself to store up to three cards, this really is one of the brand’s most aesthetically accomplished pieces to date.

Style Meets Substance

We’re loving the new aesthetic of this phone case come card holder from Bellroy here at Coolector HQ and the addition of the secret compartment for your essential cards is definitely a welcome one. The stylishness of all the wares from Bellroy inevitably sets them apart but for any man seeking to cut down on their pocket detritus, this exceptional piece of EDC is the best way of doing it.


Bellroy never cease to amaze us with the frequency with which they are capable of releasing awesome wares onto the market and their 3 Card Phone Case is one of our favourites to date at The Coolector. Understated, cool, fantastically functional and impeccably well made, there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be scrambling to get one of these in your pocket right now.

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