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We love awesome apparel brands here at Coolector HQ and, as luck would have it, we run into them all the time with our daily trawling of the internet in search of top notch brands. The latest to have caught our attention goes by the name of Grits Co Clothing and you won’t be surprised to hear, given our proclivity for both, that illustration and typography feature heavily in all of their designs.

Grits Co Clothing is a Southern inspired purveyor of awesome looking menswear that heralds from Houston, Texas. An area which is synonymous with its detailed representation of the Southern experience in an unapologetic way. The slogan of Grits Co Clothing is a straightforward one and one that sums up their ethos pretty well – “No Grits No Glory” –  and it serves as a reminder to to persevere with trying to reach your goals in life.

Southern Style

The superb aesthetics and lifestyle of Deep South of the United States permeates all the way through the excellent selection of apparel to be found at Grits Co Clothing and if you like your tees and sweaters stylish and typographic centric then you really need look no further.




Grits Co Clothing words strive to use the narratives of their Houston lifestyle that inspire their way of life and it shines through in their T-shirt designs. The vintage looking wares that they produce and the fabrics used in their construction serve as the ideal canvas to showcase their way of living.


We’re big fans of brands that make their apparel in the right way and strive to offer only quality wares by placing quality over quantity and this is certainly praise that can be levied in the direction of Grits Co Clothing who produce small batch runs of excellent looking T-shirts and sweaters that are snapped up by loyal fans of the brand.

Work Hard, Play Hard

There is a real sense of the American dream at play with the apparel from Grits Co Clothing and we’re mighty impressed with their first class line up of apparel that will be perfect for those looking to ramp up their wardrobe options this winter. Whether its the cornerstone “No Grits, No Glory” apparel or some of their more illustrative wares that catch your eye, you’re sure to find something that matches your personal preferences on their excellent online store.


An awful lot of our favourite apparel brands here at Coolector HQ happen to originate from the USA but this is certainly one of the first from the Deep South to have caught our eye and, given the quality of the wares at Grit Co Clothing, we’re sure it won’t be the last. Definitely one to keep an eye on for 2017.

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