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A messy desk is a recipe for disaster and an unproductive day in our experience here at Coolector HQ so anything that can help keep our workspace in order is OK in our book and this is particularly true when it’s as classy as the brilliant looking Bellroy Desk Pouch. Priced at a mighty reasonable £45, this Desk Pouch is functionality personified and will ensure you can keep your desk space clutter free throughout the day by giving all your EDC a home.

The Bellroy Desk Pouch (£45) is available in two colourways – black and limestone – and it is perfect for keeping all your tech accessories organised in plain sight and it will then slip effortlessly into your backpack when you’re on the go. It is ideal for the tech-heavy individual as the internal stretch pockets fit a charging brick, cables, dongles, power bank and much more.


When everything is in its right place on your desk, you’ll instantly feel more productive and it’s a known fact that a clutter free workspace is much more conducive to working efficiently. This Bellroy Desk Pouch allows you to achieve this objective in style and the flexible main storage compartment holds all shapes and sizes of tech peripherals and daily items such as phone, wallets and keys.

The Bellroy Desk Pouch (£45) is cleverly designed so that the base shape keeps the pouch standing upright and open when full, which is an important design feature because it ensures that it takes up less desk space and doesn’t add to the cluttered feeling of your working area. The zipper splays wide open, which provides you with a full view of your possessions and easy access without having to unpack or rummage.

Robust and versatile in equal measure, it’s easy to see why the Desk Pouch is proving a mighty popular new release for Bellroy and we’re loving its clutter clearing, organisational performance here at Coolector HQ. This stylish little accessory can be yours for under £50 which is a small price to pay for having a clutter-free, work-ready workspace.


Another clever element of the design with the Bellroy Desk Pouch is the fact that the expandable storage grows as you fill it – so you’ll have more than enough space for your tech and EDC essentials. It packs flat when empty, taking up less room in a travel bag and, crucially, the soft grab loop allows one-finger carry, and easy removal from a deep bag.

Excellently priced and aesthetically superior, it’s easy to see why the Desk Pouch from Bellroy is proving so popular. Its portability adds to the appeal still further as even when your hands are full with a laptop and coffee, just hook a finger through the grab loop and you’re good to go.

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