Bellroy Field Notes Notebook Cover

We’re forever on the hunt for the best in EDC here at Coolector HQ and when two of our favourite brands in this regard – Bellroy and Field Notes – joined forces, it was somewhat inevitable that the end result would be most impressive indeed. Say hello to the fantastically functional and well crafted Bellroy Field Notes Notebook Cover.

As you’d expect from the two brands involved, versatility, quality craftsmanship and minimalist design come to the forefront once again and for anyone on the hunt for a new piece of functional EDC, this will fit the bill rather nicely. Billed as the perfect means of carrying your creativity and collecting your thoughts, this first rate piece of everyday carry has left us impressed here at Coolector HQ.

Quality Collaboration

We love a good collaboration here at Coolector HQ and, from we’ve seen, the Bellroy Field Notes Notebook Cover very much looks to be a great one that superbly commingles the best qualities of each brand to deliver a highly stylish and functional accessory that you’ll be happy to use day in, day out.

Field Notes and Bellroy are both mainstays of the pages of The Coolector and it’s impossible to ignore quality like this as you’ll be left thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail here which ensures the Bellroy Field Notes Notebook Cover provides exactly the sort of performance you need to keep your creative juices flowing whilst on the go and so you don’t lose track of any of your thoughts, designs or ideas.

Carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed, this collaboration is a trusty everyday companion that you’ll want to pull out at every opportunity whether it be at your desk, in the cafe or on the train during your commute. Crafted from premium top-grain leathers which have been tanned under gold-rated LWG environmental protocols and then made to look even more elegant by dying them through. Essentially, what this means for the consumer is that the each one of these covers not only stands the test of time, it actually improves its aesthetics with time.

Great Functionality

Designed to be travel ready, the Bellroy Field Notes Notebook Cover which makes sure that its always ready when you’re on the go, whether this be home or abroad. Basically you can pop your passport in one side of the cover, clip a pen over the spine and you’re good to go for take-off.

Tailor made to fit in with your lifestyle and provide the perfect fit for clothing choices, the Bellroy Field Notes Notebook Cover can easily be slipped into a pocket and pulled out whenever a spark of creativity hits or you want to make some notes or draw a diagram. We’re big fans of both these brands here at Coolector Hq and this cracking piece of EDC certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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