BrakeFree Smart Brake Light

Riding a motorbike can be a particularly hazardous pursuit on the roads and anything that helps to make the ride safer is definitely going to be well received within the motorcycling community – especially when it looks quite as cool as this great Indiegogo project that goes by the name of the BrakeFree Smart Brake Light.

Described as the first high visibility accessory purpose built for motorcycle helmets which also boasts wireless brake detection technology, the BrakeFree Smart Brake Light is the sort of technology that not only increases safety whilst riding but will make you look even cooler whilst doing it so it is a real win, win in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

Safety First

Billed as a smarter way to be seen, the BrakeFree Smart Brake Light looks excellent on top of the safety benefits it provides and any regular motorbike rider is going to fall for both the aesthetics and the functionality on offer here. Making any rider much more visible and it can be appended to any motorcycling helmet that you already own so there’s no extra cost associated with buying a purpose built helmet for the accessory – something that helps keep costs down with this cracking Indiegogo project.

The BrakeFree Smart Brake Light boasts constant LED lighting that is set at driver eye level to ensure they have a much better overview of your driving actions and will make you much more visible during any night rides. There is some mighty clever technology going on under the hood with the BrakeFree Smart Brake Light and it makes use of accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to autonomously detect when you’re slowing down no matter how you’re doing it.

Clever design allows the BrakeFree Smart Brake Light to detect you braking movements and, when it does, the LED lights kick into action and begin to glow brighter which is important because it allows drivers around you know instantly that your speed is slowing. Better still, there is no wired installation or connected apps with your phone for it to work – it just works.

Technology Triumph

Responding intuitively to how your ride your bike, the BrakeFree Smart Brake Light and the clever LED lighting is extremely visible during the day as well as at night so it will significantly enhance your safety 24/7. With plenty of impressive features which include 8+ hour run time, single button operation, 100 LED lights and a micro USB charge port, it’s easy to see why this cracking piece of design has taken Indiegogo by storm.

If you’re a motorcyclist that has concerns about safety then products like this BrakeFree Smart Brake Light are going to be ticking all of the right boxes and the fact it looks awesome at the same time as making you more visible to other motorists is the real icing on the cake.

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