Bellroy Key Cover

Of all the pieces of everyday carry you have, your keys will invariably be amongst the most annoying to deal with but this needn’t be the case because brilliant accessories like this Bellroy Key Cover do an admirable job of streamlining their bulkiness and ensuring that you’re only carry the keys that are essential to your day to day.

Bellroy are artisans of the EDC arena and so consistently produce excellent wares that men appreciate both aesthetically and in terms of their functionality and now you can add this superb Bellroy Key Cover to this list – no more will you be hampered by a bulky set of keys each day.

Unlocking Style

Let’s face it, keys aren’t the most attractive of things to be carrying around with you so anything that can be done to make them both less bulky and easier on the eye is certainly going to be appreciated by today’s modern man and, you’ll be glad to hear, the Bellroy Key Cover does both with aplomb.

The Key Cover from Bellroy has space for 2-8 keys depending on which size you opt for and boasts a super slim design with an additional leather loop which can be used to attach your car key. This great little accessory will significantly reduce the amount of clutter that your keys cause you on a daily basis and ensure that you can carry them around in considerably more style than was previously the case.

Made from Bellroy’s signature premium top-grain leathers which are tanned under gold-rated LWG environmental protocols, then dyed through. What this means is that each style not only stands the test of time, it will actually get better with time – so this excellent Key Cover is definitely built to last.

Luxury Accessory

As with all the accessories from Bellroy, the Key Cover is a luxury item that is made from the finest materials and is about as durable and hard-wearing as they come. It will do an admirable job of keeping your keys protected and streamlined in your bag or pocket and for those of you who have grown weary of bulky keys weighing you down each day, it is the ideal addition to your EDC line up in 2017.

Boasting a clever bifold design alongside a magnetic closure the Bellroy Key Cover organises any messy stack of keys and holds everything in place with a slimline toggle. When it comes to retrieving your keys to open doors, they hinge out much like a pocket-knife, with a little added give from the elastic keeper so it couldn’t be easier to get those doors open quickly and effectively. Another great addition to any man’s Bellroy collection.

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