Casio Pro Trek Smart GPS Watch

For those with adventure in their blood, finding the right bits of kit to keep up with them can be a problematic process but you will occasionally come across a piece of gadgetry on the same adventurous page and the excellent looking Casio Pro Trek Smart GPS Watch is something that certainly falls into that bracket.

Casio are, of course, synonymous with the watch industry but its only of late that they’ve begun to venture into the arena of smartwatches but, from what we’ve seen so far here at Coolector HQ, they’re a very welcome addition and the Casio Pro Trek Smart GPS Watch looks like being their most impressive and comprehensive entry to date.

Adventure on the Horizon

The first entry into the smartwatch market from Casio, the Smart Outdoor Watch, was an excellent accessory but the Casio Pro Trek Smart GPS Watch improves upon it in almost every conceivable way and will provide the ultimate bit of kit for lovers of action and adventure.

With so many eye-catching technological features to be enjoyed with the Casio Pro Trek Smart GPS Watch, it’s difficult to know where to begin but just a few of the more eye-opening specifications include location memory with personalised map management, the ability to alter the on-screen map to suit your purpose and the fact that the fact that the full colour map can be used even when offline as the map works in tandem with the built-in GPS function to display positioning information.

There is some mighty impressive technology under the hood as well with the Casio Pro Trek Smart GPS Watch which includes an Android Wear 2.0 operating system and the accessory offers a high quality a 1.32″ 320×300 pixel display with a capacitive touchscreen which is responsible for delivering the aforementioned full-colour map with GPS location. Additionally, you’ll also find it comes replete with a compass, barometer, altimeter and day/date functionality or, if you’d prefer, you can have just a conventional watch face.

Built to Last

As you would expect from an accessory made with adventure in mind, the Pro Trek Smart GPS Watch is built to last and it has a water resistance up to 50 meters and it is also MIL-STD-810 certified. Battery life is always an important issue with smartwatches and this offering from Casio doesn’t disappoint. It has a lithium-ion battery which can be fully recharged in around two hours via a magnetic charging terminal and when it has been fully charged, you’ll be able to get a full day of colour map usage out of it or a month if you keep it in timekeeping mode only.

It is clear to see there is an awful lot to admire with the Casio Pro Trek Smart GPS Watch and for those of you with plenty of wilderness adventures planned in 2017 who want an accessory to hand which can help give directions in a pinch, this is the perfect choice and its easy to see why people are already beginning to get excited by this excellent looking bit of tech.

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