Bellroy Notebook Cover & Pen

We’re pretty serious about our stationery and EDC here at Coolector HQ and if you’re the sort that likes to still jot your ideas down in a notepad, you’ll definitely want to add this ace looking Bellroy Notebook Cover & Pen to your line up of everyday carry essentials. As we’ve come to expect from the wares from Bellroy, this is dripping in dapperness and sophistication and will add a distinct aesthetic appeal to your daily commute.

The Bellroy Notebook Cover & Pen comes with a price tag of £95 and, for this sub-£100 outlay, you’re getting an excellent accessory and pen to keep all your note-taking in check. This cracking release from one of our favourite EDC brands here at Coolector HQ has everything you need to be creative either at your desk or on the go. This includes a 3-pack of notebook refills to go inside the cover itself.

Classy Carry

If you like to travel with a touch of class, this Bellroy Notebook Cover & Pen will be right up your street and we’re loving its vintage look and feel here at The Coolector. This excellent accessory will effortlessly fit a small (5.5 x 3.5 inch) notebook or 1–2 passports and it comes pre-loaded with a Bellroy notebook. In addition, it has the space for 4-6 cards which is more than enough for today’s contemporary man who likely seldom carries more than two or three.

Crafted from premium, environmentally certified leather, the Bellroy Notebook Cover & Pen (£95) is a great addition to any EDC line up and boasts a magnetic closure that keeps everything where it should be. This top notch little offering from Bellroy will keep your big ideas in a delightfully small package as this note-taking combo will easily fit inside your bag or pocket.

Another great part of this offering is the pen which comes as part of the package. It has a ballpoint tip, black ink and it is made from ceramic anodised aluminium. The metal clip slides easily over the spine of your cover and it was wonderfully well designed by the Bellroy team for an unparalleled writing experience which is balanced, slim, smooth.

Attention to Detail

What really makes Bellroy stand out from the crowd for us here at The Coolector is the attention they put into the little details with their designs and it is no different with this Notebook Cover & Pen. The designers worked hard to get the little things right, such as the internal debossing to hold the pen in place when clipped over the spine and this one certainly be one of the classiest accessories in your line up in 2020.

The Bellroy Notebook Cover & Pen is the ideal EDC combo in our opinion here at The Coolector and if you’re wanting to class up your note-taking a touch over the next few months, this is an essential purchase. Made from high quality leather and offering a mighty versatile performance that is suitable for commuting or travel, what’s not to like?

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