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Seldom does a moment go by at Coolector HQ whereby we’re not on the lookout for great looking new watchmakers to fawn over and we’ve found another belter in the form of Belmoto Watches, a New Zealand based purveyor timepieces that has amounted an already impressive collection of watches despite their relative infancy.

Belmoto operate out of the Auckland area of New Zealand and are the brainchild of established watchmaker, Dion McAsey. The timepieces on offer are for the free-spiriting sort and have a distinct automotive inspired aesthetic which is certainly to our tastes here at The Coolector.

The craftsmanship and quality materials used in the making of Belmoto Watches is definitely something that sets them apart and will appeal to horology aficionados. With a number of different colourways and styles available to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches your personal preferences within their great looking motoring inspired collection and you can find some of our favourites from their timepieces below:










These are the sort of watches that we’ve got a lot of time for at The Coolector – namely those that don’t cost the earth but also don’t scrimp on the quality of the materials that they use in their construction. You’re able to pick up an Belmoto Watch for around the $500 mark and when you take into account their brilliant visual appeal and the quality of materials used in their manufacture, this is nothing short of miraculous.

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