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It’s fair to say that technology has come a mighty long way in the last few decades and there are few areas in which this is more apparent than the world of computers. Well, this awesome looking celebration of this fact called Guide To Computing from Docubyte is a great way of celebrating this and it really is eye-opening to see some of history’s most iconic computers and the role they played in getting us to where we are today.

This colourful collection of prints in this Guide To Computing explores some of history’s most important entries into the world of computing such as Alan Turing’s Pilot ACE and IBM 1401 and for anyone with an interest in computers it’s definitely something that you’ll find incredibly interesting. It aims to showcase the minimalist design aesthetic that has been prevalent within the world of computers for decades and which has informed the creation of machines to this day.

Guide to Computing uses a combination of photography and retouching techniques to digitally enhance the original machines and return them to their former glories. These are machines which have played a real role in shaping our history and we’re loving this eye-opening collection of images here at Coolector HQ. Check out some of the best below:










There is something pretty mesmerising about computers in their various different shapes and sizes and this brilliant Guide to Computing from Docubyte does an admirable job of illustrating this. Delving into some of the most recognisable machines in the world, this series of prints which are available to purchase would be the perfect pieces of art for any computer lover’s workspace.

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