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Whilst filling your wall with glorified maps might not be to the design liking of everyone, here at Coolector HQ we’re massively loving these superb looking Below The Boat Prints which are laser cut pieces of wood, piled on top of one another to create a 3D representations of some geographical areas of topographical interest and we dare say, there will be plenty out there who find themselves equally as enamoured with these spiffing looking works of art.

Below The Boat are the work of a husband, wife duo who operate out of Bellingham, WA, and create stunning geographical inspired pieces of artwork that showcase some of their favourite areas. Each piece starts out as a bathymetric chart (essentially an underwater, topographic map), and the contours are laser-cut into sheets of Baltic birch and pieced together to create a spectacular piece of art.

Select layers are hand-coloured blue so it’s easy to differentiate land from water, major byways are etched into the land, then the whole thing’s framed in a custom, solid-wood frame – impressive stuff. Check out some of the best below:


CH2C-D3M-FULL_square_1024x1024 sf-angle-lg-012-Edit-XL_1024x1024 San_Juans-02-main_1024x1024 Marthas_Vineyard-03-detail_1024x1024

manhattan_chart-071-Edit-X3_1024x1024 Extremely well conceived and perfect for providing a focal point in any room, these superb looking pieces of art from Below The Boat will add a touch of geographical flair to any home or office and we’re thoroughly impressed with the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each and every one.

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