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When it comes to photography, it’s hard to argue against the visual appeal of black and white imagery and whilst the calibre of camera on smartphones nowadays is nothing short of extraordinary, there’s always scope for improvement and, for those looking to capture some superb black and white imagery, there is a wonderful, albeit not very imaginatively monikered, app for that which goes by the name of Black App.

The Black App is a prime example of something doing exactly what it says on the tin and for those of us who love taking striking photos on our phone, it is somewhat of a godsend. There is something about black and white photographs that gives them an almost timeless quality and the beauty of Black App is that it will immeasurably enhance your capabilities when trying to capture these types of images.

Whilst you’re doubtless aware that the likes of Instagram let you apply black and white overlays on your photos, none do it so admirably as the Black App which has been crafted by scratch by Peter Stojanowski to emulate the look of black and white film and has been based upon painstaking study of photographs from Fuji, Agfa, Kodak, Ilford and plenty of others to replicate the sort of images that look supremely authentic. Check out a few more shots below:




Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 09.15.21



We’re firmly in the camp of thinking that there is much beauty in black and white photography here at Coolector HQ and whilst it isn’t right for every type of photo, you can make sure that you make the most of these shots on your smartphone with the cracking Black App and, best of all, it’s free.

Price: Free

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