Bennett Winch x Esquire Weekender Bag

Finding a suitable carry for weekend breaks and short trips can be quite the bothersome undertaking, particularly if you’re after something with a touch more class and dapperness than the norm. Well, fear not, as we’ve uncovered the ideal candidate for the job in 2020 in the shape of this supremely stylish and functional Bennett Winch x Esquire Weekender Bag. It is a first class collab between two brands positively synonymous with men’s style and accessories and the quality of this carry truly does speak for itself.

The Bennett Winch x Esquire Weekender Bag is a limited edition offering from the UK based men’s accessories brand and comes in at £675 which, on the face of it, is a lot to spend on a weekender (possibly more than the weekend break itself) but when you consider the fact that this will be your go-to for many years to come and has a heritage quality that can be passed from one generation to the next, this price tag becomes much more palatable.

Classy Collaboration

An exclusive collaboration with the world’s biggest men’s lifestyle publication, the Bennett Winch x Esquire Weekender is a limited edition, all-black iteration of the brand’s signature carry and it is positively dripping with quality features and functional design elements that make it a stand out candidate to be your next carry.

Each one of the Bennett Winch x Esquire Weekender Bags (£675) has been hand made in England and this stealthy accessory is certainly well-stocked in the storage department. It comes equipped with two internal shoe compartments and an abundance of storage space within that will be more than enough for any short break away. On the inside, you’ll discover all the same features as Bennett Winch’s original weekender and the cotton lining comes in Esquire’s unmissable shade of burnt orange.

Bennett Winch are a British brand that have really carved out a niche for themselves as one of the country’s most luxurious purveyors of men’s accessories and bags and it’s because of excellent pieces like this Esquire collaboration that they have garnered this lofty reputation. It is limited to just 50 units, and Bennett Winch have embossed the unique number of your bag into a hard-wearing Tuscan leather base so it will be entirely unique to you and the adventures you take it on.

Material Matters

Everywhere you look in the craftsmanship of this Bennett Winch x Esquire Weekender Bag you’ll see that quality has prevailed from its 24oz British dyed and bonded waterproof cotton canvas to its Italian full grain leather trim, handles and base. The solid brass hardware with matte black finish and British dyed and woven military grade cotton webbing handles and shoulder strap really round things off.

Whilst the £675 price tag is undoubtedly a punchy one, you’re going an accessory of real quality here and it will be the sort of versatile accessory that you use for all occasions for many years to come. It has a concealed external passport / phone pocket, an internal iPad / tech pocket, fully protected laptop pocket, waterproof side pocket and it is IATA carry-on baggage compliant.

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