The RSVLTS Michael Scott Collection

The American version of The Office is one of our favourite comedies here at The Coolector and it’s hard to believe it last graced our screens seven years ago. It’s for this reason that we still scour the web for things to sate our Dunder Mifflin appetite and we’ve found a belter in the shape of this Michael Scott Collection of shirts from the guys at The RSVLTS.

The RSVLTS are an American apparel brand that regularly release small capsules of gear inspired by iconic TV and movies and this latest release is undoubtedly our favourite to date here at Coolector HQ. The RSVLTS Michael Scott Collection is a mighty striking collection of shirts that will add a touch of vibrancy to your wardrobe in 2020.

Check out the best bits from The RSVLTS Michael Scott Collection below:

Threat Level Midnight Shirt – $65

The greatest movie that never was, Threat Level Midnight, is the star of this ace looking shirt and, safe to say, it will turn heads everywhere you go. The RSVLTS Threat Level Midnight Shirt ($65) from the Michael Scott Collection is a celebration of the brilliant spy thriller penned and directed by Scott and if you want to do your part in supporting his masterpiece, this is the shirt for you. ($65)

Kevin’s Famous Chilli Shirt – $65

Kevin might not have been the sharpest tool in the Dunder Mifflin office but he could certainly whip up a batch of kick ass chilli. This top notch Kevin’s Famous Chilli from The RSVLTS ($65) is a nod to his culinary capabilities and though it ended up on the office floor, it still looked mighty delicious that’s for sure. Another striking piece of apparel that will be a real head turner in 2020. ($65)

Prison Mike Shirt – $65

There are few scarier guys on television than Prison Mike. He terrified everyone he met and was the no-nonsense alter-ego of Michael Scott. This ace Prison Mike Shirt from The RSVLTS ($65) has captured the essence of this breathtakingly scary individual wonderfully well and don’t be surprised if people cross the road when they see you coming when you’re rocking this shirt. ($65)

The Dundies Shirt – $70

If there is an award ceremony more prestigious and sought after than the Oscars, it can only be The Dundies. Whilst Michael Scott might be the only person who actually looked forward to the annual Dundies event, it goes without saying that winning one was an honour indeed. Well, you can make up for the fact you don’t have a Dundie on your shelf with this brilliant looking The Dundies Shirt ($65) from The RSVLTS Michael Scott Collection. ($65)

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