Beoplay Charging Pad

Keeping your workspace looking neat and tidy is something that is often easier said than done and it is charging your various pieces of tech which is often chiefly responsible for the clutter. That’s why finding a classy solution to this problem is a must for many creatives out there and we might just have found the ideal candidate in the shape of the Beoplay Charging Pad from Bang & Olufsen.

Available for the mighty reasonable price tag of £110, the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Charging Pad comes in a number of different colours so you can find the perfect one for your own particular workspace and working environment. This charging pad is a Bang & Olufsen premium Qi-certified wireless charger that will keep your desk looking dapper and your tech fully charged. The sophisticated blend of luxurious materials lets the charging pad elegantly integrate with your daily working life.

Electrifying Design

It is the understated elegance of all Bang & Olufsen products that gives them a timeless appeal and that’s certainly evident with the Beoplay Charging Pad. It is designed to seamlessly partner with Beoplay E8 2.0 headphones and their charging case and this wireless charger will rapidly and efficiently charge your Qi-enabled phone too. You simply place your devices on the leather surface and return to your busy lifestyle as Beoplay Charging Pad breathes new life into your batteries.

The Beoplay Charging Pad from Bang & Olufsen (£110) effortlessly connects to your chosen power source via a standard USB-C connection and it will power iPhones, Android devices and other handsets. You can place it on your beside table to charge batteries overnight, add to your workspace or kitchen to power your devices as you work, or slide it into your overnight bag for an super cool solution to wireless charging on your next hotel stay.

Boasting a rapid performance, the Beoplay Charging Pad has 5W charging and a Fast Mode of up to 10W, which means this wireless charging pad will power your down time and have your batteries refreshed in no time. The design of the product is incredibly slimline – measuring just 88.0 mm X 88.0 m X 9.9 mm – which makes sure it is the perfect travel companion as well as essential workspace accessory.

Quality Materials

As we’ve come to expect from Bang & Olufsen, there is a real attention to detail in terms of design and materials with all their products and the Beoplay Charging Pad is no exception. It is crafted from premium, robust materials that includes leather, silicon and aluminium. The Beoplay Charging Pad has been constructed with both longevity and form in mind and will be a mainstay of your workspace or bedside table.

Priced at £110, it’s obviously not the cheapest Qi-enabled charger on the market but it’s definitely the sleekest and most aesthetically appealing. The Beoplay Charging Pad from Bang & Olufsen looks elegant wherever it’s placed and because you can choose from a pleasing palette of colours to match your interiors you’ll be able to achieve the ideal blend of both power and purpose.

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