UNDONE Type 20 Watch

When you really want to make a statement with your choice of watch and truly make it your own, watch brands like UNDONE are a godsend and their latest release, the Type 20 Watch, will give you not only an extremely striking and cool looking watch but also the opportunity to customise the dial with your own design. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a Type 20 with a Coolector logo on the dial and this does a great job of showcasing the customisable potential of this cracking range of timepieces.

The UNDONE Type 20 Watch is an aviation styled timepiece where the sky really is the limit in terms of the design potential on offer and making this ace accessory unique to you. The original Type 20 was created as a pioneering flight instrument for the French Air Force and Naval Aviation personnel in the 1950s and this new release from one of our favourite watchmakers, UNDONE, is a modern and customisable celebration of the original Type 20: an embodiment of the intrepidness and innovation that propelled aviation to new heights this past century. And ours has The Coolector logo, which is nice.

Aviation Awesomeness

We’ve got a particular soft spot for aviation style, vintage looking timepieces here at The Coolector so it likely comes as little surprise that we’ve fallen pretty hard for the Type 20 Watch from UNDONE – especially given the extra bit of customisation that makes it unique to us. This first class timepiece is incredibly lightweight, as is the norm for aviation watches, and it is constructed from 316L stainless steel, and weighs in at just 52 grams. It’s light, agile, and nimble, with great body rigidity for those daily knocks and bumps that you’ll put it through on your life’s adventures.

With prices ranging from £235 up to £265 for the UNDONE Type XX Watch, it doesn’t break the bank but you’ll be getting a high quality watch for an incredibly reasonable price. It is available in three different styles – Classic, Panda and Special Edition – this devilishly dapper timepiece is one of our favourites to date from UNDONE. Designed to be worn day in, day out, the Type 20 is built on the chassis of UNDONE’s best-selling Urban range. An elegant, well-balanced presence at 41.5mm in diameter and 12.5mm thick. Lug-to-lug length is 48.5mm and lug width 20mm, which allows it to wrap comfortably around your wrist and make a real style statement that is impossible to ignore.

Boasting quality components throughout, the UNDONE Type 20 Watch has a classic body with a modern engines as it is powered by the industry-trusted Seiko VK64, a hybrid mecha-quartz movement that combines the heritage of a mechanical 60-minute sweeping flyback chronograph with the low-maintenance reliability and precision of quartz.​ This daily wear watch won’t let you down whatever your adventures whether they be up in the sky or on terra firma.

Cool Customisations

Whilst our customisation entailed getting The Coolector logo on the dial, there are so many different ways in which you can customise the Type 20 Watch from UNDONE to make it unique to you. Some of the stand out ways in which you can customise the watch are choosing from two case options – either silver or satin black – and no fewer than 15 different strap options which means you’ll be able to get an aesthetic that’s right up your street. Last but no least, you’ve got your choice of three different dials with the Classic and Panda both being inspired by the original and racing era of watchmaking; and the Special Edition being a marriage of soft, white sub-dials with sky blue numerals – a union of classic styling and contemporary colouring.

With prices starting at £235, the UNDONE Type 20 Watch represents fantastic value for money and we were delighted with our special edition offering bearing The Coolector logo. This supremely stylish timepiece has got some thoroughly impressive features which set it apart from the competition and if you’re after the sort of aviation style watch that will turn heads everywhere you go, look no further. A definite two thumbs up from us at The Coolector.

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