Beovision Harmony Television

We don’t know about you but, truth be told, we’d likely to be pretty loathed to spend €18500 on a television but if we were to spend such a lofty amount on one, you can rest assured it would be on this rather extraordinary looking BeoVision Harmony Television from Bang & Olufsen. Famed for the quality of their design principles as much as the calibre of their technological goods, there really are few brands with their finger more on the pulse of contemporary design than that of Bang & Olufsen as the BeoVision Harmony admirably illustrates.

The BeoVision Harmony Television from Bang & Olufsen boasts two meticulously crafted oak and aluminium fronts which fan out to reveal a thin screen which elegantly rises to perfect viewing height. The Beovision Harmony is a spectacular piece of technological design that once again showcases Bang & Olufsen’s uncompromising approach to design, craftmanship and sound performance and if you’re looking for the ultimate statement piece for your home, this is sure to tick plenty of the right boxes.

Thoughtfully Designed

You won’t have seen anything quite like the BeoVision Harmony Television before with its sensationally stylish design and it will elevate the aesthetic of any living space and fills it with spectacular sound quality as well. When Beovision Harmony is turned off or just playing music, the thin screen rests close to the floor, partially covered by two meticulously crafted oak and aluminium fronts, which house the powerful sound centre. When it is switched on, however, the two fronts fan out — like a butterfly opening its wings —and the screen rises to the optimal viewing height. Turn off the TV, and the finely choreographed sequence plays out in reverse.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Harmony Television (€18500) delivers impeccable picture quality which is combined with truly immersive sound which guarantees a mesmerising viewing experience. Needless to say, however, not all homeowners will welcome the presence of a big screen to their living spaces but with this gloriously designed piece, it is almost like a work of art and improves the aesthetic rather than detracting from it.

With a wonderfully well crafted oak and aluminium front, which houses the high end technical instruments, delicately tuned by hand and ear to reveal all details of music and sound, it’s hard not to be impressed by the BeoVision Harmony. The intricate grading pattern is carefully designed to maximise acoustic performance of the three-channel, fully active DSP-based sound centre. It is then paired with LG’s top-class 77” OLED screen — which boasts brighter, self-illuminating pixels and stunning colour — this paragon of home décor and luxury entertainment brings new life to movies, sporting events and must-see shows.

Entertainment Focal Point

Designed to be a centrepiece for home entertainment, the BeoVision Harmony Television has a robust speaker system with serious sound capabilities and offers high quality music streaming with integrated music services like Tune-In and Deezer. You can also stream directly from your smartphone via Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast built-in or Bluetooth. The Beovision Harmony also comes replete with LG’s most recent webOS 4.5 platform, which gives you to access your favourite media service providers such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.

Though the price tag of €18500 is pretty prohibitive, the quality of the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Harmony Television is completely beyond compare and you’ll be blown away by both its visual impact and technological performance. It integrates seamlessly with Bang & Olufsen’s growing collection of multi-room products. For those seeking to immerse themselves in first-class surround sound, Beovision Harmony has a built-in 7.1 surround sound decoder, which makes it possible to connect up to eight Beolab speakers.

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