Emmanuel Jose Playing Cards

Graduating with a degree in studio art from Davidson College, Emmanuel Jose went out into the big, wide world and did what he does best. Design. What he has become most adept at, however, is that of papercut artwork and from that immense skill, we have been treated to these jaw-dropping Curator Playing Cards which are so well designed and visually stunning that we here at The Coolector plan to pick up a pair and head to Vegas in the hope that the croupiers will be suitably distracted by the visual appeal of these cards.

There is a very interesting and admirable premise behind these fantastic playing cards insomuch as Jose, an already keen fan of card design, decided to make it his goal to create one unique playing card a week, thereby having a complete set by the end of the year and we think that he’s certainly hit the nail and can mark a line under this as Mission Accomplished.

Check out Emmanul Jose’s cards, and other work, over at his site – www.emmanueljose.com.

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