Beranger Richemann Racer’s Watch

So far as watches are concerned, we’re big fans of vintage, traditional style affairs here at Coolector HQ and this is even more the case when there is an automotive aesthetic to the timepieces in question so it will come as no surprise whatsoever that these glorious looking Beranger Richemann Racer’s Watches, which are funding over on Kickstarter right now, have more than turned our heads.

The Beranger Richemann Racer’s Watch on Kickstarter is immediately going to appeal to those who love a vintage looking timepiece and it is equipped with Swiss movement that gives you the most accurate time and makes you stand out from the crowd whilst doing it. With a highly distinctive automotive visual impact, the look and feel of these great looking timepieces is something that is going to earn them a lot of fans and it’s easy to see why so many of a motoring mindset have already been snapping them up on Kickstarter.

International Watchmaking

Formed back in 2016 and operating out of Toronto and Hong Kong, Beranger Richemann might be newcomers to the incredibly competitive world of watchmaking but their flagship offering, this Racer’s Watch, is certainly standing them in good stead in our opinion here at The Coolector. Driven by by two designers, both of whom are watch lovers and history enthusiasts and they saw a gap in the market for stylish, top-quality timepieces with that vintage visual impact that is so popular today. And, as you can see with these watches, they’ve pulled it off with aplomb.

The Beranger Richemann Racer’s Watch take their design inspiration from the painfully cool era of the 1940s and their aim was to create a timepiece that was high-end and unique enough so that it stands the test of time with the sort of versatility that makes it suitable for all occasions and style types. Crafted from excellent materials and boasting some eye-catching specifications, the fact you can pick up one of these timepieces for under $400 on Kickstarter is pretty extraordinary.

Just a few of the more eye-catching features of these first rate watches from Beranger Richemann include a Swiss-made movement, hesalite crystal not to mention genuine leather straps which all combine together to create a one in a million watch that we’re loving at Coolector HQ. These superb looking timepieces are inspired by vintage racecars and the back of the case is engraved with an intricate racing car design. There is also a specially assigned number on the back of each timepiece in this collection. It marks the sequence of each of the 500 watches within the series and makes each watch unique.

Dialling Up The Style

In our opinion, it is the dial of the Beranger Richemann Racer’s Watch that really stands out and it is a chronograph, tachymetre printed dial – available in black and white – which lets you time any of the daily events in your life – from how long it takes to get to work in the morning, make a cup of coffee to how long you evening jog takes to complete. It’s a really striking aesthetic with a vintage styling and one that is sure to resonate with traditional style timepiece aficionados.

Kickstarter has delivered the goods again in the shape of these magnificent looking and traditionally style Beranger Richemann Racer’s Watches and for any man after an automotive inspired timepiece, this would be one of our first picks for watches at the entry level end of the price point spectrum. Exceptionally stylish and well made and crafted from some thoroughly impressive materials, there’s an awful lot to applaud with these cracking watches and we can’t wait to see what else these watches conjure up in 2018 and beyond.

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