Bespoke Watch Projects 72 Flyback Watch

A watchmaker that we’ve had on a radar for a good few years now is that of Bespoke Watch Projects so you can rest assured that we sat up and took notice when they announced the release of their maiden Kickstarter campaign – say hello to the brilliant looking 72 Flyback Watch, the next timepiece you’re going to want to grace your wrist.

The 72 Flyback from Bespoke Watch Projects on Kickstarter is a vintage-inspired, incredibly robust Chronograph timepiece which has been hand-assembled in their California studio and brought to your viewing pleasure and purchasing possibility on Kickstarter. You can tick your pick from three different case options, two dials and two straps so you’ll be sure to find the perfect iteration for your wrist.

Traditional Style Designs

Taking their design inspiration from traditional watchmaking techniques, these super cool watches from Bespoke Watch Projects are a fine example of the sort of quality that is ready and waiting on the crowdfunding platform. The 72 Flyback Watch boasts a supremely striking domed sapphire crystal glass casing, eye-catching asymmetrical case and with so many different variations to choose from, there’s definitely a Flyback for everyone.

Bespoke Watch Project’s 72 Flyback Chronograph Watch is not only great to look at but also offers exceptional USA craftsmanship so you don’t need to have any concerns about the quality of the finished product. Chock full of great specifications, these watches have 316L stainless steel casing for unparalleled toughness, a VK64 Hybrid Mecha-Quartz Movement, and luxurious Italian leather straps.

The brainchild of watchmaker, John McConnico, these great looking timepieces are right up our aesthetic street here at Coolector HQ and we’re big fans of their stealthy looking visuals. We love discovering independent watch brands and Bespoke Watch Projects certainly fall into this bracket with their small but perfectly formed selection of watches. This represents their first foray onto Kickstarter and it very much looks like they’ve hit a home run right off the bat.

Take The Time

A lot of care and attention has gone into the crafting of these super cool watches from Bespoke Watch Projects and this extra attention to detail really shines through in the finished product. You don’t always get quality with Kickstarter watch campaigns but the 72 Flyback is at the opposite side of the spectrum and is one of the most accomplished and well crafted timepieces that we’ve seen on the platform.

For anyone that loves American watchmaking craftsmanship and wants to support the industry, the 72 Flyback Chronograph is the perfect place to start. Aesthetically superior and boasting mighty fine materials and details, these watches are as good as it gets on Kickstarter and there’s still plenty of time to bag yours for a bargain price.

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