Clint Digital Freya Bluetooth Speaker

Finding a stylish looking speaker that fits in with your interior design aesthetic and delivers the sort of performance you demand may sound easy but, in actual fact, it can be quite a tricky undertaking but that search has just got a little easier courtesy of the excellent looking Freya Bluetooth Speaker from Danish audio brand, Clint Digital.

Clint Digital were founded back in 2008 and the brains behind the audio brand is a group of well-known entrepreneurs in the field of digital audio and digital video who have roots back to 1994. The people behind Clint Digital were amongst the pioneers for digital radio products (DAB/DAB+/Internet radios) in Northern Europe so you know that you’re getting a quality product with the superbly conceived and crated Clint Digital Freya Bluetooth Speaker.

Sounds Good

Needless to say, it’s the sound quality that is of paramount importance when choosing the right audio device for your home but the Freya Bluetooth Speaker from Clint Digital doesn’t just rely on its technical performance, it also scores well in the aesthetic department as well. This fantastic piece of kit is a high performance and award winning, wireless Hi-Fi speaker that will add a touch of visual impact to any room whilst delivering your favourite tunes.

The Clint Digital Freya Bluetooth Speaker lets you stream your best loved tracks and playlists straight to the device from any source through the use of Bluetooth so whether it’s Spotify or any of your favourite streaming apps, you’ll be able to use Freya to listen in style. It has a built-in battery to make the device much more portable and versatile so you can move it from room to room or even listen outside. The dimensions of the Freya Speaker make it perfectly suited for small to mid-size rooms to really optimise your listening pleasure.

It supports Truewireless™ Stereo technology which means that you can use two of these eye-catching speakers and pair them together for having the very best in wireless stereo setups without the need for any unsightly cables. Visually impressive and technologically superior, this Danish audio brand have really hit a home run with the supremely well made and versatile Freya Bluetooth Speaker.

Delicious Design

There is a distinct Scandinavian, minimalistic design aesthetic to the Freya Bluetooth Speaker from Clint Digital and for those homeowners that are looking to keep their interior design endeavours classy, this will fit in expertly with that. Understated visually but bold in performance, this cracking audio device really is the best of both worlds and, better still, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

For those of you on the hunt for a new audio solution to all your music listening requirements in 2018, Clint Digital have got a belter in the shape of this Freya Bluetooth Speaker. With such an impressive team of designers and engineers behind its creation, it’s little wonder that these superb devices are positively flying off the shelves in the run up to Christmas.

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