Best Made Strong Box


Though we have few items of value here at Coolector HQ, it’s probably prudent that what little we do have, we keep well protected and that, sir, is why we have got our eyes on one of these awesome looking Strong Boxes by Best Made. It looks like a rugged fellow capable of keeping our collection of leatherbound books safe from harm and we’re big fans of its understated brutishness.

The Best Made Strong Box is made by hand and hand spot-welded and boasting a heavy duty snap-latch, this resilient beast should keep our stuff safe during the inevitable zombie apocalypse which is probably impending. Having the foresight to be a bright red colour (we’re quite adept at losing stuff here at Coolector HQ) you’ll be impressed with the hard-wearing nature of the Best Made Strong Box.

STOWAGE-BOX-600A_1024x1024 STOWAGE-BOX-600B_1024x1024

Best Made were founded in 2009 by Peter Buchanan-Smith and have been crafted a fine array of outdoor goods for years now and, as you might expect, this isn’t the brilliant American brand’s first feature on The Coolector as we’re regularly falling for stuff from their ever-growing catalogue of awesomeness. This Best Made Strong Box is the latest apple of our eye and we just need to get some valuables to fill it with (which will probably consist of other stuff from the Best Made store).

Price: $28

Available: Best Made

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