Men typically have certain tastes when it comes to the stuff that they like and we think we’ve just discovered an awesome American brand by the name of Manready that has somehow instinctively tapped into the male collective consciousness to provide all manner of brilliantness that any man will enjoy.

Manready are the creation of Travis Weaver of Texas who, back in 2012, decided to embark on a mission to supply quality goods for men, built on a bed of honourable core values of honesty and hard work and, by jove, we here at The Coolector think he’s admirably achieved this objective. The principle objective of Manready is to create jobs, support USA made goods and help out the smaller, independent makers of goods.

Built upon the mantra of “Work Hard, Live Well”, Manready have definitely captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ and we’re suitably impressed with their cracking selection of wares for men that takes in everything from your everyday apparel to more unusual goods like campfire whisky-soaked jerky. We love brands with character here at The Coolector and Manready have this in spades, so it’s two firm thumbs up from us.

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