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Though we’ve never grown facial hair to the extent it could be properly classified as a beard here at The Coolector, we are only too aware of the not inconsiderable amount of time that typically goes into its upkeep and for those with impressiveness springing forth from their face, companies like the Big Red Beard Company are somewhat of a godsend.

The Big Red Beard Company craft all their brilliant beard accessories in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada and the attention to detail that has gone into their making is unparalleled. For any man with a formidable amount of facial hair, the online store of the Big Red Beard Company is a veritable treasure trove of awesomeness and boasts everything from beard oils through to baseball caps and everything in between. Take a look at a few of their finest wares below:


Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 12.55.17




Sometimes we wish we had a beard just so we could get our hands on ace looking wares like these from the Big Red Beard Company and for those of you who actually do have beards, the level of enjoyment of these beardy accessories is likely to be heightened still further. For all your beard combs, oils and scrub requirements, you really needn’t look any further than the Big Red Beard Company.

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