Honey I’m Home Keyholder

Bees are pretty ace. We won’t have a bad word sent against bees here at Coolector HQ. Well, perhaps our love of those furry little honey boshers has got the better of us because we can’t help falling for this ace looking Honey I’m Home Keyholder which, somewhat brilliantly, is shaped like a beehive.

Finding somewhere convenient to store your keys when you get home each day is often easier said than done and that’s why the superbly designed Honey I’m Home Keyholder immediately grabbed our attention here at The Coolector.

Based upon the principle that bees always return to the hive, so should your keys and it will give you a permanent fixture that your keys will gravitate towards whenever you get home – especially when you consider the different coloured key chains which ramp up the aesthetic appeal still further. Take a look at a few more shots of this great looking piece of interior design below:






Even if you don’t share our unusual obsession with bees, you’ll still be won over by the visual appeal of the Honey I’m Home Keyholder. Whilst it might not be overly practical (what household has about 20 sets of keys?) it is fantastically conceived and designed and we’re big fans here at Coolector HQ.

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