Biolite PowerLight Mini

Camping is something that is likely to be entering the thoughts of many outdoor inclined individuals over the next few months as we head into spring and, as such, attention turns to making sure you’ve got the right camping essentials packed away for your trips. One such essential should be the ace looking and painfully versatile PowerLight Mini from Biolite as it will help ensure your camping trip goes off without a hitch.

The Biolite PowerLight Mini is the sort of camping accessory that doesn’t look for the limelight and is far from glamorous but you’ll certainly be thankful that you’ve got one when the sun goes down in the evening. This cracking little camping accessory from Biolite is essentially a clip-able lantern, small enough to slip in a pocket and resilient enough to withstand any inclement weather you face on your excursions.

Camping is great fun but there’s not much enjoyment to be had from stumbling through your campsite in the dark so making sure you’ve got a Biolite PowerLight Mini safely stowed away for your trip is a sensible idea. Check out a few more shots below:










Most campers will always be on the lookout for must-have accessories to pack away for their trips and its fair to say that the Biolite PowerLight Mini definitely falls into this category. Extremely versatile and wonderfully durable, it is exactly the sort of kit that will be busted out regularly during your next adventure into the wild.

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