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Coffee, tea, almost any hot beverage truth be told are things that we take seriously here at Coolector HQ so when a new piece of technology winds its way onto the market claiming to revolutionise the way in which we approach the brewing process, we inevitably sit up and take notice. Well, that’s what has happened with the BKON Craft Brewer and the RAIN technology that powers it because this impressive looking device is said to have the capabilities to make your brews considerably more flavoursome.

But how does the BKON Craft Brewer accomplish this taste feat I hear you say? Well, it’s due to their RAIN (Reverse Atmospheric INfusion) technology which is essentially a vacuum chamber that users negative pressures and lower temperatures to produce every last drop of flavour from the teas and coffees that you’re aiming to concoct.

It’s not just teas and coffees that you can craft using the BKON Craft Brewer – it’s principal reason for being is to coax taste out of almost anything and diffusing it into a liquid of your choosing so you can actually use this cracking piece of apparatus to create your own bespoke drinks which sounds great in principal but may not taste that amazing unless you do your research into the flavours beforehand. Check out a few more shots below:

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 12.42.20



If you take your home brewing process seriously enough to outlay a considerable sum on a BKON Craft Brewer then we here at Coolector HQ salute you but, in actuality, these devices are much better suited to commercial premises of course and even though we’re unlikely to get one of these technological taste marvels in our headquarters, we’re hoping that we’ll be able to get the opportunity to taste the delicious creations they are capable of crafting when they hit the market later this year.

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