Harry’s Father Son Shaving Set

Shaving is a rite of passage for men and it’s never too early to learn how to engage in this manly pursuit (even if you get into your thirties without ever really mastering it) and that’s the angle that everyone’s favourite shaving company (well, ours at least) Harry’s are coming from with their excellent Father / Son Shaving Set which aims to give dads and kids some brilliant bonding time whilst teaching one’s offspring the fine art of shaving.

The Harry’s Father / Son Shaving Set provides one of the American brand’s excellent razors for the dad to use and an equally as awesome looking toy razor for the child and we here at Coolector HQ love this set even though Father’s Day has long-gone now, it doesn’t mean to say there isn’t still plenty of opportunities to engage in a little shaving tutorial throughout the rest of the year and we can think of few better ways of doing this than with one of these cracking Harry’s Father / Son Shaving Sets.

We’re definitely fans of the beard here at The Coolector and though Harry’s shaving implements are designed to get rid of such a manly accessory, it’s impossible not to be won over by the brand’s cracking design and excellent array of shaving razors and accessories. This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Harry’s on the pages of The Coolector and they remain one of the finest purveyors of men’s shaving accessories out there and this Father / Son set has merely enamoured them to us still further – check out a couple more shots below:

1 fathershave

Shaving is definitely something that a father should teach their son and, let’s face it, if it’s a means of getting your hands on a Harry’s razor, it’s a win-win situation anyway but we here at Coolector HQ love the idea of this Father / Son Shave Kit in its own right and for those of you who are wanting an excuse to teach your young child the logistics of shaving then you’ve got a brilliantly branded one right here.

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