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It is abundantly clear that a bitter in America isn’t the same thing as a bitter in the UK as we unequivocally use the term to describe a pale ale here in Great Britain, it seems that it refers to a type of cocktail concoction overseas – so, you learn something new everyday. And, now that we’re in learning mode, we’re definitely wanting to get to grips with this alternative form of bitter through getting our hands on one of the Hella Bitter DIY Kits which are currently seeking funding over on Kickstarter.

If you’re a cocktail aficionado, you’re going to want to sit up and take notice of the Hella Bitter DIY Kit because it will make the processes behind making some of your favourite tipples all the easier and take control out of the bar man’s hand and place it firmly in your own. Making cocktails can be a highly rewarding experience when you do it right but, through the lack of the requisite tools, few of us are actually doing it right at home but that is something that this cracking Hella Bitter DIY Kit is hoping to remedy with its various devices for making the perfect cocktail bitters at home.

The kit is the work of New York based, Hella Bitter, which is run by three friends who are hell-bent on making cocktail making easier in the home and see their Hella Bitter DIY Kit as the ideal conduit for this and, having perused the contents of said kit, they may well be onto a winner. In the kit, you’ll find everything that you require to make delicious bitters for you and your friends and, to be honest, we were won over by the concept and the branding before we even saw the excellence of the apparatus held within which, as you might expect, is most spiffing indeed. Check out a few shots below:




We’re definitely partial to a cocktail every now and then when we’re not quaffing the craft ales here at Coolector HQ and having the ability to make these cocktails for ourselves would certainly add to the appeal and that’s why we’re hoping the chaps at Hella Bitter reach their Kickstarter target with their DIY Bitter Kit.

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