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When it comes to backpacks, modular is increasingly looking like it will be the future in terms of increasing versatility and functionality of our carries but thought needs to be put into the creative processes with modular backpacks to ensure they dovetail with our requirements and make for a much more streamlined day to day in terms of carrying around our various different bits and pieces. One team of designers look to have very much hit the nail on the head with the stunning looking and supremely versatile Black Ember Backpack which is looking like it will boast more storage, durability and style than you can shake a stick at.

The Black Ember Backpack is designed by a team of skilled creative types operating out of San Francisco, California, and for those people who have a genuine need for a sturdy, functional and gear friendly backpack, there really will be few better choices out there than this. Currently available for pre-order with shipping expected in July, 2015, the Black Ember Backpack is already generating a pretty resounding buzz amongst those won over with its stealthy design and immense storage options.

Available in three different styles – Slate Pack, TL Pack and Neoruk Pack – these stunning carries can be made to suit your requirements and will impress both in times of their aesthetic appeal and their supreme versatility. Ideally suited to any type of activity from rugged outdoor pursuits through to use at the gym, the Black Ember Backpack has certainly garnered our attention at The Coolector and looks like being one of the must have accessories for this summer. Check out a few more shots of the different bags available below:








A backpack is one of the most useful and essential accessories that any man can own and through the introduction of modular storage, its usefulness can be ramped up still further. In terms of sheer visual appeal and style, we’ve yet to encounter many to rival the great looking Black Ember backpack which is crafted from highly durable materials and boasts so many different and useful storage solutions that you’ll likely wonder have you’ve managed to make do up until now.

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