Breitling B55 Smartwatch

Apple have now well and truly showed their hand so far as their smartwatch is concerned and it’s been noticeable that the more traditional, well-regarded and historic Swiss watchmakers have been sitting back and each seemingly looking at each other waiting for one to make the first move. Well, as it transpires, it was the extremely prestigious Breitling brand that has gone first and whilst their offering can’t really be billed as a smartwatch, it is perhaps the closest yet from one of the watchmakers that sits at the top table in the world of horology – say hello to the Breitling B55 Smartwatch.

Perhaps calling it a smartwatch is a little misguided as, in reality, the Breitling B55 is a timepiece aimed at pilots but offers a good deal more technological prowess behind it than anything that these fine Swiss watchmakers have offered before and it has left us thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ. Breitling are calling the B55 a connected chronograph and, that clever bit of alliteration aside, it genuinely does look capable of introducing technology heavy watches into the mainstream world of luxury timepieces.

This eye-catching offering is, as mentioned, geared towards those in the aviation business but that doesn’t mean to say those with their feet firmly on the ground can’t enjoy it as well. The Breitling B55 Watch is said to be the ultimate pilot’s instrument and whilst we’re not in a position to question the voracity of that statement here at The Coolector, what we do know is that it looks to be a most capable timepiece indeed.

The stunning instrument boast an abundance of impressive features which include an electronic tachometer, simple and logical control mode, two ultra-legible LCD (liquid crystal display) screens that feature a high-intensity back-lighting system that can be activated simply by pushing the crown and the video and images below do an admirable job of showcasing the awesomeness of Breitling’s most advanced watch to date:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]




Needless to say, the breathtaking Breitling B55 Watch isn’t going to be every luxury watch lover’s tastes but we’re thrilled to see some of the big hitters in the horological industry prepared to embrace technology and not shy away from it purely because of their heritage. Breitling are one of the biggest and the best in the business and with their B55 Watch they might just be blazing a trail for more to follow suit – we certainly hope so here at Coolector HQ.

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