Blaze Laserlights

For anyone who has ever cycled on the streets of London, it is basically a free for all where you’re taking your life into your own hands so anything that helps to redress the balance a little and make cyclists a little more obvious to those in cars will definitely get our backing here at Coolector HQ. And this brings us onto the excellent looking Blaze Laserlights which are hoping to make night time cycling a whole heap safer by help making cyclists more apparent to a driver’s blind spot which is where the majority of accidents occur.

Blaze are a London based company who have a love of cycling but who have grown increasingly disconcerted with the ever growing number of cycling accidents in the UK’s capital city and, because of this, developed the Blaze Laserlight to play their part in making the highly enjoyable pastime of cycling less inherently dangerous. The Blaze Laserlight projects an image of a bike up to 15ft in front of the cyclist so it will make it much less likely than a driver will be unaware of your presence.

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The Blaze Laserlight is a lightweight, water-proof, aluminium construct that is well suited to the sort of bumps, scrapes and inclement weather conditions that cyclists face on a daily basis and if it achieves the objective of making night cycling safer, we here at Coolector definitely lend it our support.

Price: £125

Available: Blaze

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