We Sell Socks

In a brilliant stroke of branding brilliance, the Toronto based and wonderfully named, We Sell Socks, thrust themselves well and truly onto our radar here at Coolector HQ. A brand new venture which only launched at the very start of 2014, We Sell Socks have already impressed us aplenty with their project to deliver a new pair of socks on a monthly basis that will help ensure you’ve got a good sock rotation system going on throughout the year.

We Sell Socks spend their time curating the web (and doubtlessly other sources) in search of the very best socks out there and will deliver a pair of awesomeness to your door on a monthly basis. Priding themselves on the non-generic nature of the socks that they find and deliver, you’ll never be bored by your monthly sock delivery from We Sell Socks because they are sure to be a Bertie Wooster-esque number that will look spiffing in any circumstance.

If you’re the sort that takes socks for granted and want to ramp up your feet’s stylishness in 2014, We Sell Socks are the perfect partner for you and we here at Coolector HQ will be signing up to their excellent looking service post haste.

Price: $12 Monthly Subscription ($5 worldwide shipping)

Available: We Sell Socks

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